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Five Reasons You Need a Wellness Holiday 

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The idea of embarking on a retreat may seem like a distant dream, and not something that could happen for you in the near future. Push that notion to the side – you’re deserving of relaxation and time to recharge your batteries! You are entitled to go on a retreat as much as any other person in your office or network! Here are five reasons why going on a wellness holiday soon may be one of the best things you can do for yourself!  

You’ve Been Feeling Burnout 

Man feeling burnout at work.
Man experiencing burnout at work.

Let’s face it, sometimes life in the office can be stressful! We’ve all experienced tight deadlines, issues with projects, and many other obstacles at the workplace before. With new remote work policies during and post-pandemic, burnout is on the rise whether you’re at the office or working from the comfort of your own home. In fact, an Indeed poll found that 61% of remote workers and 53% of in-person workers found it more difficult to unplug and take time away from their work. In addition, there was an increase of over 300% in corporate employees stating their mental health has worsened because of burnout and workplace-related stress.  

A retreat may not be an all-encompassing answer to workplace burnout, but it’s several steps in the right direction. Taking time for yourself and forgetting about work, even if only for an extended weekend, will give you the mental clarity you need to hit the ground running and work with a clear head. We are increasingly occupied with social media and smartphones, and if you use the same phone for work and for your personal life, this cesspit of stress-inducing engagement only doubles. Turning off your phone and strictly doing what you please is a rarity that adults rarely take. You will be shocked about how different life is without social media and a digital detox will allow you to gain several hours back into your day doing what you please. 

You Want to Make Healthy Choices 

Wicker bowl of mixed fruit.
Wicker basket with various types of fruit

Simply put, there are only so many hours in the day. How could we possibly be expected to commute to work for an hour, work a full 9-5, come home and make dinner, exercise, socialise, spend time on hobbies, and get a full night’s rest? Though it may seem difficult, all of these things are important to healthy living and having a well-balanced lifestyle. Unfortunately, we get so caught up in work that we often put less importance on facets of our wellness, such as getting a cheeky takeaway after work or staying up into the late hours of the night. While we acknowledge that there’s nothing wrong with fast food or the occasional late night, repeating unhealthy practices over time turns into habits that are hard to break out of.  

Time management and healthy habits can be built on wellness retreats, where coaches and specialists will analyse your diet, sleep, and wellness habits and help you practise a healthier lifestyle. At wellness retreats, you’ll often meet other travellers who may have a similar work schedule to you and you can share your experiences, learning new tips! Try a new yoga technique that you can take home with you and implement into your morning routine, there are limitless possibilities!  

You Need a Push in the Right Direction 

Intimate meeting between two different men.
Two men having a conversation

When the going gets tough, whether it be at work or in our personal lives, it’s easy to fixate on it and have our issues spill over into other areas of our lives. Think about if you went on a bad date, or if you got into an argument with a friend. Did it affect your mood at work? What about your sleep? When we have issues, or the inverse problem and simply feel a bit stuck with where we are at in life, it’s important to share these feelings with a qualified professional. 

At many wellness retreats, there are certified life coaches and therapists that can help you work through potential issues and strategise ways to resolve conflict or give you that push in the right direction you need! There’s no reason why you have to keep your thoughts to yourself, and hearing from a professional can give you a unique perspective that you may never have thought of! 

Adventure is Calling 

Villa on island in French Polynesia
Exotic villa on an island in French Polynesia

Getting out of your home town or city and travelling to a new destination can be a thrilling, cathartic experience you’ll never forget! Famous poet and author Hans Christian Andersen once said “To travel is to live.” and we think truer words have never been spoken! Going on a wellness retreat, or any retreat in general is not something we get to do every day, so it’s so important to savour every second and smell the roses.  

Finally, travel to that place that’s always been on your bucket list, visit an old favourite, or have a staycation in your own country! There’s no such thing as a bad option in this case! This could be your chance to escape some wintry weather, give you something to look forward to in the office, and a wonderful way to make some new travel buddies! 

Because You Want To! 

Woman on a boat in Thailand!
Woman on a boat in gorgeous and sunny Thailand

One of the strongest reasons you need a wellness retreat is simply because you want one. You don’t always need a list of reasons to embark on a wellness retreat, you deserve a break for all of your constant and consistent demanding work! This philosophy of self-care is often overlooked in today’s hard-working society, but don’t let a golden opportunity slip by! 

You may not remember your current task at your job, but you’ll take the memories, connections, and wellness advice you learned on a retreat with you for years to come. A short break can do wonders for your mental health, self-esteem, and fitness and you never know what you’ll learn or what you can discover on your journey! 

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