Retreat Away is a health hub of transformation for personal growth and inspiring our clients to encourage a wellness for life philosophy with bespoke retreats that help them achieve their goals.

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Fitness training at Longevity Cegonha Country Club in Portugal

About Us

Retreat Away is a health hub of transformation for personal growth and inspiring our clients to encourage a wellness for life philosophy. 

Your journey starts here at Retreat Away; we offer the very best lifestyle and transformational wellness retreats with incredible retreat specialists. We believe that looking after your health can be kick started or nourished with our exclusive wellness retreats, to give you the tools to continue your journey so you have wellness for life. With our great team of retreat hosts and experts, we have created retreats where you can grow and explore yourself and your surroundings. With a dedicated host to guide you through your retreat and support you with your goals and interests.  

With amazing destinations, and variety of different retreats, there is something for everyone. We have built the retreat itineraries with time for yourself, to make new friends and enjoy what the destination has to offer. With exciting activities, classes, and extras so you can gain the most from your retreat experience.  

Why Us


With years of experience under our belts, we know what a retreat should be and how they can nourish you in more ways than one.

We Select the Best Hosts

We have ensured that our hosts we work with are the best in their field. Supporting you throughout the retreat, you can ensure you’re getting the most of your retreat and hosts knowledge. Our hosts can tailor exercises and activities to your level where needed, and private sessions available at extra cost to further deepen your understand and level up your skills.

Amazing Destinations

If we don’t want to do a retreat there ourselves, then we don’t want you too either. Our venues have been carefully researched and handpicked. We have made sure they are in fantastic locations with activities and classes in beautiful outside areas or in the nature surrounding. We have taken a lot of time to research and find the best venues for our retreats to be held at.

More Than a Retreat

We offer more than your standard retreat, we want you to enjoy the destination you have come to visit and to leave equipped to look after your wellness for life. With extra activities and exploring the local area, we wanted our retreats to be full of adventure and some relaxing. Using the venues facilities, getting to know your retreat friends and host, taking a walk in the local area, or booking yourself a massage, you can really get the best out of your retreat experience.

About the
Retreat Experience

Hover over each element to find out what you can expect from your Retreat Away experience.



Enjoy group fitness at its finest with the exciting and fresh classes from the retreat host. Excursions on your retreat can give you extra fitness and fun through exploring the local area through activity. You may not realise you are doing fitness with the amount of fun you are having, but you can do even more fitness activities through group classes at some of our retreats

Mind & Soul

Mind & Soul

We are supportive every step of the way, with a positive environment on the retreat with the host and venue, they can ensure you have the tools to meet your goals. With optional private coaching and classes with the hosts, you can really delve into your own mind, body and soul. Our venues are located in beautiful destinations around the world, for you to connect with nature and enjoy breath taking views on the group walks, outdoor classes, excursions and your free time. 



All of our retreats are based on either a healthy half board or full board wellness menu, ensuring your diet is healthy but not restricted so you are fuelled for all the fun activities during your retreat. The half board menu allows you to then explore local cuisine whilst exploring the area or stay at the venue for lunch. All meals can be adjusted according to any tolerances or dietary requirements. Please let us know if you have any special requirements when booking.

Accommodation & Amenities

Accommodation & Amenities

You will stay at the beautiful rooms the venues have to offer, all with an en-suite bathroom. The venues have expertly designed and decorated their rooms for comfort and practicality, with everything you may need. Some of our venues offer different types of rooms so you can make the most of a breath-taking view from your room. Other amenities may be available depending on the venue such as access to the gym, spa and swimming pools.   



We have got fun and exciting group excursions throughout the retreats. Enjoy the outdoors with your retreat friends and immerse yourself in the local nature. Whether you are doing paddleboarding in the sea or river, or a bike tour through the woods or local town, you will be sure to be returning home with new knowledge, friends and maybe enjoying a new activity to continue. 

Free Time

Free Time

You will get some free time during the retreat so you can do as you please. Whether it is exploring the local area, filling it with more activities or relaxing by the pool, you can be sure that you will have time to relax and recuperate from all the fun activities and newfound knowledge.

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