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Woman holding yoga mat.

8 Reasons to Go on a Yoga Retreat 

Group of women doing a yoga pose.
Caption: Group of women at a yoga class

A yoga retreat can be the perfect chance to help tone up and energise the body, release any built-up stress or anxiety you may have and ultimately a great opportunity to re-connect yourself with your mind and body. Yoga retreats are ideal for solo travellers, it presents a great platform for meeting like-minded spiritual travellers that share similar healthy goals and aspirations! But it’s not only for single travel, if you choose to experience a yoga retreat with a friend or partner, you can use this experience as a means of bonding. Discover your inner sense of calm, tranquillity, and peace together as you bask in the beauty of your retreat surroundings. Here we will discuss 8 reasons why you should go on a yoga retreat and return home feeling re-charged and revitalised. 

#1 – The Locations

Man stretching on the beach in a wetsuit.
Caption: Man practising a yoga pose on the beach.

Yoga retreats are constructed around the basis of being relaxing, grounding and spiritual. With this in mind, retreats specially selected in the perfect locations and surroundings which compliment these factors perfectly.  

On a yoga retreat, you can bask in peaceful settings which provide soothing views, fresh air and the ideal environment to channel your inner most calm. 

Locations can often have access to gorgeous attractions, local walks and relaxing facilities on-site for you to enjoy. All of which contribute to a comfortable atmosphere, great for setting the tone on your retreat. 

#2 – The Activities

Group of women at a yoga class using yoga balls.
Caption: Group yoga class with yoga balls

The top yoga retreats tend to offer daily yoga routines and practices. Perfectly starting the day with more energising exercises and finishing off the day with nurturing, relaxing exercises in the evening.  

Mindful retreats like these often teach valuable practices such as Pranayama, vinyasa, hatha, ashtanga, restorative, or meditation as well, which are great to help manage stress and release any pent-up energy that you need to get rid of. 

You should also have plenty of free time to reflect, relax or be active. Whether you choose to spend your time going for walks, creating mindful journal notes to take home or even just relaxing on-site or in peaceful surrounding areas. 

#3 – Diet & Nutrition

A bowl of fruit with florals.
Caption: Decorative bowl of fruit featuring bananas and berries.

How you fuel your body whilst on a yoga retreat is very important, it can set the tone in terms of mood, energy and overall output of your mind and body during your time.  

The food on offer on a yoga retreat will always be tailored to you and the itinerary you’ll be practicing every day. In most cases, you’ll be served healthy, organic local produce which will help the body re-charge and recover for the days to come.  

Eating a healthy, cleansing diet will help support the body through its natural detoxifying process. A vegetarian diet for example, will help promote Ahimsa, the sanctity of all living creatures, which is an important influence of yogic philosophy! 

#4 – The Teachings

Group of people on yoga balls with instructor in the middle.
Caption: Group yoga class on yoga balls led by instructor

The teaching you’ll receive on a yoga retreat is arguably the most important part of the journey.  

You’ll be taught by an experienced, inspiring instructor who will take the time to get to know you as a person and how you will be able to get the most out of your retreat.  

The best yoga instructors will have been inspired by a range of yogic styles and practices, as well as their own unique secret ingredients to their classes. They also possess an effective knowledge of anatomy to help prevent injuries! 

#5 – Push Yourself to Learn Something New

Woman working out with the help of a personal trainer
Caption: Woman pushing herself in an intense workout

Yoga retreats are the perfect opportunity to engage your mind and body and push yourself to learn new, valuable practices to target both mental and physical wellness. 

During a yoga retreat you can learn how some new ways to stretch out every part of the body. You can learn some great spiritual practices such as breathing techniques to help manage stress. You can even learn so much more about yourself, realise things you never thought you would about or do things you never though you could! 

Most yoga retreats are aimed at all levels. The instructor will have ample experience and the skills necessary to teach a mixture of abilities. So don’t worry even if you are a beginner, you will be helped and guided at any point in time. 

#6 – Give Yourself Time for Reflection

Person meditating as the sun rises.
Caption: Meditation session alone in nature

Most of us find ourselves with very little time to sit back and time the chance to reflect on our current state of mind, alongside reflection of our current situation in life.  

On a yoga retreat, you’ll be able to have some time to break away from all the stresses and busyness of everyday norms. Through mindful practices such as meditation, which will be in the itinerary of most retreats, you can take the time for some personal reflection. You can use this time to ask yourself some important questions like, am I happy in my current way of life? Is there anything I can do to improve? You could even create an action plan upon returning home! 

Almost all retreats provide you with ample down-time, for you to absorb what you’ve learned. You can even continue practicing on your own, allowing you to gauge in any clarity and address any anger or anxiety you may be feeling. 

#7 – You’ll Make New Friends

Two friends jumping up together on the sand.
Caption: Two friends jumping on the beach

Amidst all of our busy schedules, the average adult lifestyle can make it quite difficult to make new acquaintances. But on a yoga retreat, you’ll have all the time and space needed to build close relationships with other like-minded yoga enthusiasts! 

Don’t be afraid that you will be forced to put yourself out there because this will all happen naturally. As you’d be getting involved in plenty of group classes and activities, I think you’ll find it will happen much quicker than you think. 

You’re all in this together, exploring your edges with no pressure. You’ll begin to settle in, relax and open up to the amazing small community you’ll have the privilege of being a part of! 

#8 – You Will Get Fitter, Effortlessly

Woman stretching before posing on a mat.
Caption: Fit woman stretching with water bottle before yoga session.

A yoga retreat can lay a great foundation in terms of fitness as well as general health and well-being. Being away from all and any distractions, you can focus on you and no one else. 

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build strength or improve flexibility, a yoga retreat can set you on the right path on your wellness journey, and provide you with all the tools needed to continue this journey long after your stay. 

As you’ll be focusing on either learning something new or mastering the craft at hand, you won’t have much time to think about losing weight or getting stronger. So once you return home, you will be sure to notice a whole world of difference! 

Yoga retreats are such an amazing experience to do, because it’s not always as it meets the eye, it’s what you make of it! Even if you’ve been interested in going on a yoga retreat for a while but never quite gone through with it, this can be your sign! Because, there is a whole world of healthy benefits it can bring and not just in the short term. It could be that you want to take a break from your stressful routine, or even just try something new, but immersing yourself in all the amazing opportunities a yoga retreat can bring you could just be your ticket to a healthier, happier way of living. 

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