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The fruits of your retreat are ripe well after your return home! It’s a common misconception that once a retreat is over, that’s the end and you have to wait for your next retreat for further relaxation and rejuvenation. That can’t be further from the truth! Here are a few simple tips to take

Choosing the right retreat for ourselves can sometimes be a tougher decision than we think. We first have to think about what we’d like to get out of our retreat, whether it be to lose some weight, relax and unwind or even try a new sport, we’ll have to choose which goals and benefits

Caption: Group of women at a yoga class A yoga retreat can be the perfect chance to help tone up and energise the body, release any built-up stress or anxiety you may have and ultimately a great opportunity to re-connect yourself with your mind and body. Yoga retreats are ideal for solo travellers, it presents

Happy woman in a field of yellow flowers. The idea of embarking on a retreat may seem like a distant dream, and not something that could happen for you in the near future. Push that notion to the side - you’re deserving of relaxation and time to recharge your batteries! You are entitled to go

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