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We all love looking forward to our amazing retreats, but the build-up to a retreat can prove more stressful and time-consuming if not planned or thought out properly beforehand. We can often find ourselves making last minute bookings or arrangements, frantically packing and then always worrying something is missing or forgotten. After all, even

Many of us tend to feel as though we’re “pressed for time” or that there’s “not enough time in the day”. But, our amount of time hasn’t changed, we still get 24 hours each day. Modern conveniences have allowed us to save time from everyday tasks and chores and what may be a surprise

Choosing the right retreat for ourselves can sometimes be a tougher decision than we think. We first have to think about what we’d like to get out of our retreat, whether it be to lose some weight, relax and unwind or even try a new sport, we’ll have to choose which goals and benefits

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